26 March 2023
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36 dead in air bombings in Yemen, includes three civilians

17-04-2015 15:56:11

Sanaa: At least 20 rebel s lost their lives and two tanks and four armoured vehicles were destroyed in the overnight air strikes on the convoy headed out of Yemen's largest air base, Al-Anad.

Al-Anad base was the main watch post for the US-led war on Al-Qaeda in Yemen and its evacuation by Western troops as the rebels advanced last month has created a vacuum that the jihadists have exploited to make big territorial gains. 

Also at least 16 people were killed as soldiers that have remained loyal to exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi put up fierce resistance to an attack on their base by Huthi Shiite rebels and renegade troops in Taez, in the central highlands north of Aden. Three civilians were among the dead when a stray shell hit their home.


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