09 June 2023
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77 dead in suicide bombings on Shia mosques in Yemen

20-03-2015 19:47:47

Sanaa: At least 77 people lost their lives in triple suicide bombings on Shia mosques in yemen’s capital city.

According to reports one bomb exploded inside Badr mosque in southern Sanaa, and was followed by another at the gate as worshippers fled. The third suicide bomber targeted Al-Hashahush mosque in northern Sanaa.

The Huthi militia's Al-Massira television said hospitals in the capital had made urgent appeals for blood donations.

The Huthis overran Sanaa in September and have since tightened their grip on power; their attempts to extend their control into other areas have been met by deadly resistance from Sunni tribes and Al-Qaeda.
Forces loyal to Ali Abdullah Saleh, Yemen's former president who is allied with the Huthis, on Thursday stormed the international airport in Aden and sent fighter planes to bomb the palace in the southern port city where the current president is based.

President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, who is backed by the UN and the Gulf states, fled from the rebel-held capital last month.


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