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Ban Ki-moon calls for immediate ceasefire in Yemen, finding new peace envoy

4/17/2015 6:57:41 PM

Sana’a: United Nations chief Ban Ki-moon has called for an immediate ceasefire in Yemen.  UN has begun the hunt for a new peace envoy to the war-torn country where Saudi-led western powers trying to get hold Houthi rebels.

The plea came after three weeks of air strikes by a Saudi-led coalition aimed at driving back allegedly Iran-backed rebels whose sweeping advance forced President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi to flee abroad.
“Yemen is in flames, and I am calling for an immediate ceasefire in Yemen by all parties.” Ban told the press.

Ban Ki-moon’s remarks followed the resignation of his envoy to Yemen, Jamal Bin Omar, a Moroccan-born career diplomat who lost the confidence of Saudi Arabia and its allies, amid accusations that he was appeasing the rebels.

The UN chief said that he is in the process of finding a new envoy “who can be immediately deployed” to seek a political solution. “The Saudis have assured me that they understand there must be a political process and I call on all Yemenis to participate, and in good faith.” He further added. 


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