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Presence of foreign military personnel could destabilise the situation in Ukraine, Moscow warns

4/17/2015 4:19:00 PM

Moscow: Vladimir Putin-led Russian government has expressed its displeasure at the deployment of 300 US trainers this week in Ukraine. According to reports Moscow has warned that presence of foreign military personnel could destabilise the situation in Ukraine.

"The participation of instructors and experts from third countries on Ukrainian territory... of course, does not help to resolve the conflict," President Vladimir Putin`s spokesman Dmitry Peskov told to the Russian news agencies. He further added that "On the contrary, it can seriously destabilise the situation".

About 300 US paratroopers has been sent to train three battalions of the National Guard, part of Kiev`s forces fighting the pro-Russian insurgency in the east, over the next six months in western Ukraine this week.

The conflict in Ukraine has enraged over a year killing more than 6000 people in eastern Ukraine`s Donetsk and Lugansk regions. Western nations have accused Moscow of supporting the separatists but Putin claims that not a single Russian soldier is present in Ukraine.


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