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Robinson street psycho update: police to send samples for DNA test

6/15/2015 2:44:36 PM

Soumitra Nandi
The Kolkata police will soon be sending body samples of Partha De, Debjani De and their father  Arobinda De for DNA test with the objective to assess whether the skeleton they came across at Robinson Street on Thursday was indeed that of his sister Debjani’s  as claimed by Partha De on Thursday.

“The samples will be sent at the Central Forensic Science Laboratory in Hyderabad”, said Muralidhar Sharma, deputy commissioner (South).
Police had came across the skeleton of a woman, whom Partha had claimed to be her sister Debjani’s and two skeletons of dogs  while investigating the death of septuagenarian  Arabinda De, the owner of the house whose charred body was found inside a bathroom on Wednesday evening .

The sleuths investigating the case interrogated Arobinda’s brother Arun De who had claimed that during the last one year he had had a number of interactions with Arobinda at different clubs regarding their property.

The property was at first in the name of Arobinda’s wife. But after her death it was to be equally divided between the two brothers.
“As per Arun’s statement before the police both had agreed to dispose of the house. However, Arobinda  had said that his son Partha was suffering from some psychiatric disorder and he is seriously concerned about it. 

Though Partha had claimed that his sister Debjani died six months ago Arobindo had said that he knew about her daughter’s death much later. Investigations revealed that soon after Arobindo heard of his daughter’s death and learnt that Partha had been living with Debjani’s skeleton as per his claims he protested. But ultimately kept mum about the revealation before the fire incident took his life.

Investigations revealed that both Partha and Debjani hardly talked with their father. They interacted through writings mainly on chits of paper. The brother sister duo lived at another part of the house. Partha must have used some powerful chemicals apart from keeping doors and windows airtight so that smell did not come out while the body decayed. 

“Partha had claimed that his father had committed suicide. The prima facie post mortem report also hinted at suicide. But we are keeping other options open too,” said a sleuth.

Partha who could have answers to a lot of questions that are baffling the sleuths is still keeping mum at Gobra Mental Hospital where he has been lodged since Thursday. Answers to certain questions by Partha had been passed to be answered by the Almighty.

Whatever had happened in the Robinson Street house is something unnatural but property matter was something that had worried sleuths. 

“Just a few days prior to his death Arobindo had visited a solicitor firm and had urged his lawyer Subir Majumdar of Bose & Co to divide his property between his son and daughter.  If Debjani is dead then why would Arobindo want to divide his property between the brother sister duo. We would also interrogate Mr Majumdar who could throw light on the property angle.” Said a source.


  • QVmoxO I wish I could craft such articles as this. Thank you very much. Wrote

    QVmoxO I wish I could craft such articles as this. Thank you very much.

  • QVmoxO I wish I could craft such articles as this. Thank you very much. Wrote

    QVmoxO I wish I could craft such articles as this. Thank you very much.

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