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Jilted lover cuts his genitals, after being rejected by the girl

5/6/2015 4:20:58 PM

Journospy Exclusive
By Soumitra Nandi
Spurned by his lover a youth hailing from Parnasree in Behalain the southern fringes of the city cut his own genitals and also inflicted injuries on various parts of his body with a sharp cutting weapon. Sukdev Debnath 22, a resident of Bramha Samaj Road is undergoing treatment at the SSKM hospital in the city.

Debnath was discovered at his residence on May 1, lying in a pool of blood with his genitals cut and was rushed to Vidyasagar Hospital. According to his statement, the police had initiated a case of attempt to murder as he had alleged that four unknown accused persons in furtherance to their common intention had tried to murder him.

“Further investigation in the case revealed that his injuries were self inflicted. He was in love with a girl hailing from Rabindranagar area not too far from where he lived. Sukdev was in relationship with the girl and had proposed her to marry him. His proposal was turned down leading to this bizarre incident, “said Rashid Munir Khan, deputy commissioner of police (south west).

A sleuth investigating the case spoke with Debnath at the SSKM hospital on Tuesday morning after coming to know from his family members about the relationship Sukdev was having. “We were confirmed that there was no intention of somebody to murder Sukdev. When we started grilling him we found discrepancies in his statement. However, amidst a volley of questions he admitted that his injuries were self inflicted,” said the sleuth.

“The youth had also taken doses of drug and tried to masturbate before cutting his genitals. He might have been suffering from “castration anxiety” - the conscious or unconscious fear of losing all or part of the sex organs, or the function of such,” said the investigating officer.

According to police his family life too was not in shape. His mother was known for her flirting intentions and his father was not living with the family. Sukdev used to run his own garage at Pathakpara in Behala.

Sukdev’s act brought memories of a similar incident at Garfa and Sonarpur in the south suburban division of the city in January this year. Sankar Karmakar had killed his two wives and children before slitting his genitals and wrist was under influence of a “psychotropic drug”.

The cops had consulted autopsy experts and psychriatists during the probe and the theory of castration anxiety had cropped in.  , and that he might have been suffering from “castration anxiety”.

At Karmakar’s  Purbachal flat at Garfa, the police  had found the semi-nude body of Rohini Chakraborty (34) in a pool of blood, her three-year-old Iyasha throttled and a naked Sankar Karmakar (40) lying dead in another room with his genitals severed.  At around the same time, policemen in 24 Parganas discovered two bodies at a flat in the Harinavi apartment. The bodies were of Poulami Karmakar (35) and her son Aritra (11) — both had cut marks on abdomen and throat.


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