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Former Australian DJ Sharky Jama dies in Syria fighting alongside ISIS

4/16/2015 5:26:44 PM

Syria: Sharky Jama, a former DJ and model of Australia died in Syria fighting alongside the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Jama, a resident of Melbourne moved out of his country in August with his friend Shomali-Austalia to join ISIS.

Hussein Harakow, the president of the Somali Australian Council of Victoria said, “Sharky Jama’s parents learned about their son’s death through text message and a phone call on Monday”. 

According to sources, Jama did not inform his family anything of what he was doing or what’s happening as they were living normally. 

Prime minister of Australia Tony Abbott talked about Jama’s death on Thursday in a statement, “I have a very simple message for those who might be thinking of going overseas to join these terrorist groups: ‘Don’t’ they are just death cults….. they are not about religion, they are just about death and it’s just as likely to be your death as anyone else’s death.”


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