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US to give additional 250$ to Pak: Kerry

1/13/2015 3:48:43 AM

Islamabad:  US Secretary of State John Kerry said that Washington will provide an additional $250 million in food, shelter and other assistance to help people displaced by conflict in tribal areas. The US has already spent billions of dollars on military aid to Pakistan to help it fight insurgents.

Pakistani foreign adviser Sartaj Aziz made a plea for the United States to keep giving Pakistan money to help rebuild the regions where the Pakistani military has been fighting militant groups. "We expect our defence forces to remain engaged in counterterrorism operations for some time in the foreseeable future," Aziz said. "Continuation of coalition support fund reimbursements are therefore a valuable support that must continue in the interests of both countries."

“Pakistan must fight militant groups that threaten Afghan, Indian and US interests”, Kerry said as he offered sympathy for the victims of last month´s massacre of children at Army Public School.


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